What will the quality be like when my videos are transferred to DVD?
Since we use high quality video readers and DVD recorders, your footage will be the same quality (or close) as your original tapes.

Please note that any problems with the original tape footage, such as a poor picture or distorted sound, will also be on your new DVD as this is a transfer only service.

How can I pay you?
We accept PayPal, cheques, postal orders and bank transfers.

Will my videos be safe when I send them to you?
We recommend that you send your tapes to us via a tracked postage service. We’ll do the same upon completion of your order.

While your tapes are in our possession, we will treat them with the upmost care and respect. We understand that your memories are incredibly precious to you, and so we treat each order as if it were our own.

Will I get chapters in my DVD so that I can skip forward and backwards like I would with a normal DVD?
Yes, chapters are placed automatically through the DVD. There is also a basic menu for when you load the DVD.

Can you transfer just a part of the video?
Yes, but please make sure that you give us specific instructions of what parts you want us to transfer.

Note: Sometimes, recordings may overrun as regular transfers are not edited. However, for an extra fee, we can edit transfers manually and eliminate any overrun. We are also able to add titles while editing.

Do you keep copies of my DVDs?
With a straight tape to DVD conversion (i.e. no editing is required) we do not keep copies as the tape is transferred straight onto the DVD. In turn, this helps us keep our prices low for our customers. However, if you would like us to keep copies of your DVDs, we would be able to do so at an additional cost.

How long will my order take?
Typically, orders take around 5-10 working days for us to complete and send back to you. However, orders can take longer to complete depending on our current workload.

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